We were asked the other day by a start-up company for a simple way to add additional phones lines as their business grew. They have 5 staff but they all are in different locations as they are all home-based.

What the company wanted was a way to assign geographic and non-geographic numbers to any staff member and be able to transfer calls between them.

Now there are loads of phone providers that cater to small businesses but they wanted to move to the Cloud so the company we recommended was CircleLoop.

The phone system utilises your existing internet connection, meaning no additional physical phone lines are required. As the system is cloud-based you access the system via apps, and they have these available for Windows, Mac OS, IOS and Android.

The service is wonderfully simple to sign up for, and once your account has been created it’s a breeze to add more numbers and build up your team, each additional user can be allocated their number, and team members can forward calls easily to each other.

Call recording is as simple as flicking a switch, want to record a voice mail message? or an out of office message? that’s simple too.

Calls can be made and answered on your PC or your mobile, this has the added advantage that you can give your mobile phone a landline number, this is great for sales guys for example, who are always on the road as it means that their local number travels with them.

The service comes with absolutely loads of features, some of which are usually found on a much larger system such as

  • UK numbers – Choose from a huge range of local, national & mobile numbers.
  • International numbers  – Add international phone numbers from over 80 countries.
  • Personalised voicemail – Set a personal greeting for your voicemail and manage your preferences in the apps.
  • Voicemail to text –  Get your voicemails converted to text and sent to your feed or email address.
  • Call transfer – Easily transfer live calls to other team members.
  • Use with hardware – Supports USB & Bluetooth headsets, handsets and meeting room, speakers.
  • Business hours – Set the times of day and days of the week that you don’t want to be disturbed.
  • Live activity feed – See all your call and message activity in your live in-app activity feed.
  • Smart notifications – Choose where you want your call activity notifications sent to.
  • Mobile apps – Use CircleLoop on the move with our apps for iOS (Apple) and Android mobiles.
  • Desktop apps – Powerful native apps for Mac & Windows.
  • Backup number – Send calls to a backup number when you don’t have data or WiFi connection.
  • Device sync – All call and messaging activity syncs across your devices.
  • SMS – Send & receive text messages from your CircleLoop mobile number (if needed).
  • Call recording – Record your calls on-demand and download or email the audio files.
  • Call forwarding – Forward calls to another UK number out of hours, or when you’re busy.
  • Contact management – Synchronise your contacts to CircleLoop and choose contacts to share with your team

Call plans are dead easy currently there is a choice of two.

    • £5 per month + calls to the UK and international outbound numbers from 3p per minute
    • £15 per month for unlimited inbound and outbound UK calls

You even get a seven-day trial, what more could you ask for? Both plans get all the additional services included.

This is such a simple way to expand your phone lines, you’re not tied into long contracts and the flexibility to build your customer greetings is a very welcome addition.

For small businesses or home office workers that want the freedom to add phone numbers and call features, I don’t think you can go wrong with these guys.

So good did we find CircleLoop, we moved over to them, what more can I say.