How does our online marketplace work?

After choosing your plan and opening your shop in our online marketplace, you can set up your shop with your own logo and images, add or upload your products, set your price and delivery information, add your coupon codes, write promotional articles and get sales reports and view your shop analytics.


We charge NO sales fees

We do not charge you any sales fees meaning you're able to price your items in our online marketplace at really competitive prices. we simply charge a monthly fee based on the amount of products sold.

Add products.

You can easily create your products, set pricing and delivery methods. You have complete control of your shop from your shop management area.

Get paid.

As soon as your items sells, you get paid Its as simple as that. All payments are sent to your Stripe account minus the transaction fee, and after clearing passed to your bank account.

You will need a stripe account

One can be setup during or after the signup process, this account will need to be connected to a bank account, so that stripe can deposit your money to you.

Why do we use Stripe?

Because customers can purchase multiple products from multiple store holders at the same time, Stripe allows us during the checkout process, to automatically split these payments and deposit them in each sellers stripe account instantly.

Sellers do not need to request their money or wait for a sales threshold to be met.

We pass your sales revenue to your stripe account after transaction fees have been deducted, Caffoot charge no sales fees, we simply charge a monthly fee based on the amount of products sold.

At the point of sale, your funds go directly to your Stripe account.

Your Stripe account needs to have your bank account details entered, for the account you want your sales money deposited into. If you do not have a stripe account already, you can create one here

After these funds have gone through a clearing process with stripe, they are sent to the bank account that you have set up in your Stripe account, where they will arrive in your bank on a rolling 7-day basis.