Our Subscription Fees

Sellers are required to pay the following types of fees. Please note that all fees are listed inclusive of any value added tax (VAT) that may apply. See the Taxes section below for further details.

The subscription fee’s

Caffoot’s subscription fee’s range from £9.99 to £99.99 per month

Your subscription fee will be charged on the same day every month. For example, if you sign up on 5th March, your subscription fees will be charged on 5th April, 5th May, and so on.

However if you sign up on the last day of the month, For example, you sign up on 31st May your subscription fees will be charged on 30th June, because that is the last day of the month. All subscription fees are paid via stripe

When you make a sale through Caffoot, You pay a transaction fee, currently, these are 3.5% + 20p per transaction

We do not charge any sales fees, listing fees or sales commissions at all when your products sell on Caffoot, After the transaction fee 3.5% + 20p has been processed, we pass all of your remaining sales revenue to you via stripe at the point of sale, we do not charge additional sales fees, sales commissions or listing fees, we simply charge a fixed price per month depending on the number of products you wish to sell. we wrote a blog post on why having no sales fees matters which tells you more about this benefit.

You can cancel your Caffoot subscription anytime by visiting your subscription section of your Store Manager’s Settings. You will still have access to your store for a period of 30 days from the point of cancellation, at which point your shop will no longer be visible on the site and all your products will be deleted.

Advertising and promotional fees

Caffoot offers multiple services to help you advertise your listings and promote your shop. Advertising and promotional fees vary by opportunity and will be clearly outlined before you commit to purchasing an ad or sending a Targeted Offer. Advertising and promotional fees will be listed on the site and paid for via stripe.


Caffoot’s fees include any taxes that might apply. You are required to pay Caffoot the full amount of our fees and may not deduct any applicable taxes from that amount.