Starting a business can be one of the most exciting if not most stressful times of your life. Selling online without sales fees matters, as rushing to get new sales quickly and your product to market can sometimes mean that you can lose sight of what’s important.

Your bottom line or your margin.

For lots of people, it usually means selling on one of the larger marketplaces and giving away a huge portion of your sales in commission or fees.

Now there is nothing wrong with this, it works for an awful lot of people, but I’m amazed that in the 21st century there isn’t a better way. One which keeps the seller in control of all the costs involved.

Caffoot is different in the fact that the cost to you is based on the number of products you have to sell, not on the commission we make from those sales.

As we charge no sales fees. It allows businesses of all sizes to know exactly how much their monthly costs will be.

So let’s take an example, selling online without sales fees with Caffoot

You sign up to our stater plan (level 1) this costs £9.99 per month and allows you can sell up to 10 products.

You add a product with a value of £100. This product can be a physical item like a T-Shirt, or a bookable product like a therapy session, or a downloadable product.

When this item sells, you get £96.30 straight into your stripe account. It is after all your money. We charge you a transaction fee this is currently, this is 3.5% + 20p

Your nominated bank account receives the funds as soon as they have cleared.

Now let’s look at the same product on a different marketplace

Using eBay as an example, assuming the following conditions had been met you would only receive £84.70

  • You have a basic eBay store
  • The category used for the product was “Other”
  • You are not a top seller
  • You have a monthly sales volume between £15,000.01 and £55,000.00

The sales fee is £13.20 plus a PayPal fee of £2.10 giving a total fee of £15.30 (as of May 2019)

How complicated is that, working out sales fees is a nightmare, you can use this fees calculator to see for yourself.

As a result, the sales fees alone are greater than Caffoot’s monthly subscription, and to emphasise that’s for selling just one product!!

With this in mind, we believe that we have one of the newest and best online marketplaces around

We also provide you with additional features such as

  • Create blog posts, to promote your products
  • Add staff members
  • Add your delivery drivers
  • Plus lots of more features

To demonstrate, when joining Caffoot you don’t just get a shop in our marketplace, you get access to your sales reports and shop analytics.

Selling online with no fees matters, It matters so that you know your costs, so you can plan and budget and furthermore grow.

If you sell online and want to free yourself from the misery of sales fees join caffoot today, the possibilities are endless

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