I’ve written lots about this but felt inspired to write more after reading an article today about planets and how they affect us. The article highlighted how June 20th pre solstice was a pivotal date for many on their life journey. Luckily, I’m an avid journal writer so could easily trace what I was doing on this day. The results astounded me.

I started my day by going to the business group I attend every week. The guy delivering the presentation was quite new to the group and nobody really knew a lot about him. He told such a powerful story, it moved me to tears. Talking about being one of a twin, which is a part of my story few people know about. Think this will be a topic for a future blog post! His experiences talking about being in the armed forces was especially poignant, but the most moving thing for me was the fact he had found the love of his life again after they had met when they were young, parted  ways and then reunited when the time was right.

I went into work filled with emotion and realised the next thing about this important date – I’ve finally now found a part time job which I love, which plays to my strengths and enables me to have the flexibility to still run my business alongside it. I also work in a supportive team environment where people genuinely care about others and the work they do.

After this, I saw a client for crystal healing. I’m enjoying seeing how this wonderful therapy is helping people and have received some great feedback – one client even described it as magic!

I welcomed my first Air BNB guest as well on this date. Another thing which is working out brilliantly, enabling me to meet new people and share experiences.

The final part of the day was meeting up with one of my most cherished friends. She’s a truly inspirational person, having battled with many physical health issues throughout her life, but she doesn’t let anything stop her. She always follows her heart and takes courageous steps forward to create the life she desires.

So following your heart – what does it mean? Just looking at this one day, what it meant to me- told me a thousand things. Since this date, I’ve taken more steps towards my goals. Whilst I’m already living a life I love, I continue to follow the path of my heart. I’ve felt the call of my soul much more strongly since the solstice and having been inspired by my friend, have done things I never would have thought possible. Two years ago, I would have been scared to make such bold moves but I know for certain now that following the path of your heart can never be the wrong thing to do.