If you use Logic Pro X for your music production, until recently its been quite tricky to get your software instruments to change articulations quickly and easily. Of course, it could be done with key switches or Midi CC number changes, but this could soon get really complicated, especially with very large templates.

One solution was to use a separate instrument track for each articulation, so, for example, if you had an orchestral string ensemble, with the following instrumentation Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello and Bass, these 5 instruments would all need separate tracks for every articulation you wanted to use, so VERY quickly, you could be dealing with HUGE numbers of tracks,

Violin 1

Track 1 Stacatto

Track 2 Pizzicato

Track 3 Legarto

Track 4 Tremolo

Track 5 Harmonics

These 5 instrument tracks represent just the 1st violins, so if you wanted each string section to use the same articulations, thats 25 tracks just for the string section using what some would consider the bare minimum of articulations to achieve a reasonable performance, that’s before using any other instruments (for example woodwinds, brass and percussion)

If your virtual instruments contained a large amount of articulations, and most do, then its highly likely that your template could contain hundreds of tracks (some are MUCH larger than this) meaning that your computer would need to be right upto date, or that you’d have to buy another computer or network more than one computer together to achieve the results you wanted.

Vienna Symphonic Library make some outstanding instruments, along with a world class mixing environment in Vienna Ensemble (and its bigger brother Vienna Ensemble Pro) and their full instrument libraries contain arguably the largest selection of articulations of any software manufacturer, and getting everything to work on a template could be daunting. They also have a very large range of instruments in the Special Editions series, these have less articulations (but they still contain all the essentials!)

Things have changed however recently with a brilliant bit of software from the developer Babylonwaves (https://www.babylonwaves.com) and their Art conductor software extensions for Logic Pro X 10.4.2 and above.

The software is compatible with a huge range of manufactures instruments, is simple to install and set up, and works…frankly…beautifully.

It’s made managing multiple articulations on a single instrument track childs play, so now each of your instruments can run on one instrument track in Logic, and the software can ‘paint’ articulation changes on the piano roll editor. This now allows users to massively reduce there track counts from there templates, whilst maintaining all the articulation choices as before…Genius!

If you use Logic Pro and need help with anything, get in touch and we’ll get something sorted.